Niraj Nanal is a Financial Advisor from Pune
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Niraj is certified financial Planner and Registered Life Planner who is providing professional services from last more than 10 years. The speciality of Niraj is to give clarity about life goals and financial goals through professional financial planning skills and interpersonal skills.
In our day -to-day life we focus on earning money and increasing our wealth but the biggest mistake you do is to have a Casual Approach.

Take professional help to follow a proper path the reach to your Goals in Life. Understanding the depth and importance of Financial Planning may save your Goals from Risk.
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Buying the right insurance is the most important decision you will take for your family and loved ones!!!
Financial Planning being considered the major backbone for every individual when it comes to their dreams and goals in life. Niraj Nanal, Certified Financial Planner in Pune will help you come close to your dreams in reality.